We are passionate about marketing businesses and causes that resonate with us.
We hope that's you.

Working Together With You

Chis and Andrew

We are a husband and wife team based in the Blackmore Vale, Dorset. Building on our extensive experience over ten years in the non-profit and small business sector, we offer affordable bespoke web design, hosting, marketing, content-writing and social media services.

We are in our more 'mature' years and we have a wide variety of experience to draw on, over decades, which we feel helps us to understand the varied needs of our clients.

If you're looking for young geeks, then you're in the wrong place. If you're an angel investor, looking for an expanding business, you're in the wrong place.

If you are looking for people to listen to you, lovingly create your website and talk in language you can understand, then you are probably in the right place.

Range of experience

We've recently emerged from being carers of elderly parents for several years and are now available for work again.

Andrew has over ten years of experience as a self-taught website designer. He specialises in the more technical aspects of our work and has a background, over twenty-five years, in publishing and marketing - having started up a publishing company when the internet was at its infancy.

Chris has a background of thirty years in art and design - and writing for regional publications and our non-profit organisation.
Over the last decade, Chris has focussed on content-writing, social media and particularly promoting non-profit organisations.

We love our work

We are both passionate about marketing businesses and causes that resonate with us.

From our own experiences, we understand the struggles of small businesses and do our best to keep our rates affordable.
We are sometimes able to offer reduced rates to charities and are also able to do a limited amount of pro-bono web design and marketing for community-based groups.
We are particularly enthusiatic about the work of therapists and non-profits - our last decade or so has been dedicated to this. We are also keen on promoting musicians and small local businesses.

Having been Directors of a social enterprise promoting integrated therapy, founded by Chris, we have extensive experience in working with therapists - and integrated medicine is one of the causes which is close to our hearts. Chris subsequently co-founded a social enterprise aimed at promoting grassroots women's groups - also close to our hearts.


Working together with Andrew, in 2013 Chris received a Katerva Award at the United Nations in Geneva for non-profit work using the internet to promote gender equality and, in 2014, our organisation, Safe World for Women, was shortlisted by the internet company Nominet for 'Doing Good Online'.

Website design and more

We recognise the importance of making an impact through an effective web presence.

At the early stages of business, this may just mean a basic website. For others, this may involve an ecommerce facility, event-booking and registration facilities, donation facility, social media management, ongoing maintenance and updating, or even a dual-language facility.
And you may require help with content-writing.

Some clients prefer to give us an outline of their website requirements and then leave us to it, to provide a draft website for comment, alterations and approval. Others like to work closely with us throughout the whole process. Every client is different and we enjoy adapting and tailoring our services to your requirements.
We never publish a website without first being assured that the client is entirely satisfied!

Social media and newsletters

You may already have a regularly-updated Facebook page. Facebook is a great way to connect with your customer-base and reach out to more potential clients. However, it doesn't substitute for a website. The website is the 'hub' where the public can easily find out about you. We will ensure your website links smoothly with your Facebook page and other social media to help build your social media following. And if you don't already have a Facebook Page or Twitter account, we can help you set them up. If you wish, we can also include your Facebook or Twitter feed on your website.

Newsletters can also be a great tool for reaching out to your existing client base. We can help there too.
And we can even help design a logo for you.

Locally and globally

We are experienced in working person-to-person or remotely over oceans from continent-to-continent.
We don't rent an office so our overheads are low and our prices are competitive.
We're not ambitious, just aiming to make a living as we head towards retirement and beyond. Though we're still young enough to like challenges and working to deadlines!

We enjoy our work and each website is a journey.
Whatever your needs, from setting up a basic website including domain registration and hosting, to developing your existing website design and facilities, writing content for your website, expanding your social media presence, please contact us so we can discuss your requirements and aims - and provide you with a quote.
We are confident that, by listening and responding to your needs, you will be happy with the result.

Andrew Sampson and Chris Crowstaff.

For more background, here is an interview Chris did on local Radio Solent with Steve Harris back in June 2014.
'It's amazing the things you can achieve on the other side of the world with the internet'
(Sadly, due to our family commitments as carers, the organisation subsequently folded, though the website still exists as a resource).